Special Applications

Radio remote controls are used in a large variety of industries. HoistAndCraneRemotes.com focuses on overhead cranes, hoists, and the material handling industry. We can provide custom radios built specifically for any application. Please contact us (1-866-755-0816 or info@hoistandcraneremotes.com) to find out more about radio remote controls for special applications.

Locomotives, Train Yards, Track Vehicles
Overhead Cranes, Hoists, Lifts, Winches
Grain Elevators, Tractors, Irrigation
Training Tools, Gates, Lifting
Concrete Pumps, Drilling, Lifting
Conveyors, Docks, Cranes/Hoists
Coal Cars, Rock Crusher, Load Outs
Automation, Lifting, Conveyors
PLC Integration, Industrial Control
Tower Cranes, Concrete Pumps, Drilling
Tow trucks, Boom trucks, Vehicle lifts
HoistAndCraneRemotes.com offers many more products than are currently online. Bulk discounts, and Tax-exempt orders are available.

Our friendly customer service reps are standing by to assist you with any of your radio remote control questions or needs. Please contact us by phone (866-755-0816) or e-mail (info@hoistandcraneremotes.com) so we may personally ensure that you have a great radio remote control buying experience with HoistAndCraneRemotes.com!